• Discover
    the best version
    of yourself

    Insight is about experiencing who you really are. Discover what you really want. And see how to get this.

    What is Insight?

    Our personal leadership seminars guide you to discover who you really are, what you really want and what does and doesn't suit you (anymore) in a deep, transformative and loving way.

    How do we do this? By offering you practical tools in a safe environment to create the life you really desire; interactive and experiential.

    Knowledge, concepts and insights are presented through presentations, interspersed with exercises that help you to implement your lessons in your life; from insight to behaviour. We work with all aspects of life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational.

    We are convinced that, especially in this modern world that can demand a lot from you, Insight is a wonderful gift to yourself. 

    Are you open to learning new things about yourself?

    Are you ready to give your life a boost?

    Register now, discover your inner strength and make your dreams come true!

    Interactive and experiential

    We work with (among others) practical individual and group exercises, short presentations, discussions, visualizations and meditations.

    Effective for 45 years

    In 1978, John-Roger and Russell Bishop founded the Insight Seminars to really help people move forward.

    1 million people inspired

    In recent years, the lives of people in more than 46 countries have been enriched. In Belgium and England, among others.

    The seminars

    Insight l

    Wake up the power of your heart
    A fun and energetic three-day program where you discover how to create the life you love. 

    November 10-12, 2023

    Insight II

    Connect the power of your heart
    In a safe and guided journey you free yourself from everything that holds you back in your life. Open your heart and embrace your true self.

    Date follows.

    Insight III

    Live in the strength of your heart
    Building on the tools you learned in I and II, Insight III is about centering in your heart, in a warm and nice retreat environment where we stay for a week.

    Insight IV

    Live in your heart's intention
    A month-long immersion to discover your heart's intent so you can show the world your most authentic self. 

    Master's Class

    Loving life
    A three-month program aimed at leading your life from heart-centered mastery. 

    Teen Insight

    The basis for awakening
    Supports teens ages 14–18 to build a foundation to awaken their hearts, gain confidence and confidence.

    Insight in the Netherlands

    In recent years, more and more Dutch people have traveled abroad to participate in Insight Seminars.

    Also our team. Thanks to participation in Insight in the US, Cyprus, Bulgaria, England and Belgium, we feel: it is time to bring Insight to the Netherlands.

    Welcome at the

    During Insight seminars there is room for the authentic you. Sharing your story creates a warm bond and even friendships. It is nice and instructive to share your experience with each other afterwards.

    Want to get in touch with like-minded people? 

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