Insight II

Connect with your inner strength

In a safe and guided journey you free yourself from what is holding you back in your life. Open yourself and embrace your true self.

Amount of days: 5

Conditions: Insight I

Data: 4-8 September 2024

Investment €895,-

Early Bird: €695,-

This is what you can expect

Insight II is a deepening in opening your inner strength and recognizing your own greatness and authenticity. Many graduates say that this seminar truly changed their lives, connecting with their inner strength.

Insight II is limited to 40 participants. This creates a safe and welcoming space for individual sharing and expression. After 5 days you will be in contact with people who can become friends for life during your journey of self-discovery.

You will learn this

  • Letting go of past pain.

  • Learning to communicate from an open and loving place.

  • Become more confident and courageous.

  • Express more authentically.

  • Trust your intuition when making choices.

  • Loving yourself unconditionally.

  • Discover your talents and gifts.

  • Confirm what really matters to you.

  • Creating reference points and resources to use as a guide to the challenges of life outside the seminar.

Practical information

Follows later. Most likely the same location as Insight I in November 2023.

The location is easily accessible by car or train. 

Lunch not included
You can have lunch on your own with fellow Insighters. This is possible at the location itself and at various catering establishments around it. 

Pass the night
The seminar will take place on five consecutive days. It can therefore be pleasant to spend the night. There are plenty of options in the vicinity of the seminar. 

The facilitator

Will follow later.

Continue your journey

Insight II deepens living in the power of your heart and feeling even more connected to it. Do you want to go one step further? Each seminar builds on the last and offers deeper opportunities to create a life you love. 

Insight II

Live from your inner strength
Building on the tools you learned in I and II, Insight III is about centering yourself. In the form of a retreat you learn to continuously empower yourself.

Insight IV

Live in your heart's intention
A month-long immersion to discover your heart's intent so you can show the world your most authentic self. 

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

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