About Insight

Practical tools to live from the power of your heart

Insight Seminars are about learning practical skills to live from your inner strength.
Our seminars support you in looking at what is and isn't working in your life and how you can make changes that support you in creating a life you desire.


Discover the best version of yourself

Insight is not interested in modeling you.
It's about your discovery of your best version.
Insight seminars create the space for you to peel away the layers of limiting beliefs, rules, illusions, judgments and other limitations you have, to see that the best version is already within you and how wonderful your life can be.


Interactive and experiential

We create a fun, interactive – and most importantly – safe space for you to participate.
Insight is a unique educational program led by a highly experienced facilitator and supported by a team of supervisors. Knowledge, concepts and insights are presented through a series of short presentations interspersed with exercises, one-on-one conversations and lively group discussions. 


Learn and discover more about yourself

The path of Insight is a journey to discover more about yourself; You become more aware of your limiting beliefs, thoughts and patterns. You learn to make more conscious choices. You will learn how to have more energy, fun and success in life. 

Many participants experience that after the seminar they have more self-confidence, a clearer purpose in life, can more easily form deep connections and relationships and are more relaxed, happier and enjoy life. 

It begins with Insight I: Discovering your own inner strength. Each seminar builds on the previous one and offers deeper opportunities to create a life you desire


Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?​

About the founders

John-Roger and Russell Bishop founded Insight Seminars in 1978 to give people accessible tools for living successful lives. Over the past 40 years, Insight has established a presence in 46 countries and touched the lives of more than 1.5 million people around the world.



John-Roger's life and work were dedicated to offering education about the spiritual heart. With his infectious joy and unconditional love, he inspired people all over the world.

For many he was a mentor, who illuminated the path to a life with more peace, happiness and love.

He founded many wonderful organizations, including Insight Seminars, the non-religious Movement Of Spiritual Inner Awareness, the University of Santa Monica, and more.

In everything John-Roger did, the concept of “loving life” communicated. He lives in the hearts of the many people he has touched in his life and his educational materials are the foundation of Insight Seminars.


Russell Bishop

Russell Bishop is a pioneer in large group personal growth programs and the founder of Insight Seminars. With over 50 years of consulting, speaking and coaching experience, he has become an internationally recognized expert in personal and organizational transformation.

His purpose-inspired work has helped thousands of people around the world create balance and success in their personal and professional lives by aligning themselves with their true selves.

Russell’s book, From Self-Talk to Soul-Talk: Becoming More of Who You Truly Are, translates Insight's spiritual principles and foundations into a practical, everyday life. In 1978, he co-created Insight Seminars with John-Roger and continues to contribute his mastery as a volunteer facilitator.

Already inspired more than 1,5 million people worldwide


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Seminars that make your heart beat faster and a party every time.
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