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What is Insight Seminar?
Insight Seminars are personal development and personal leadership seminars. The seminars support you to bring out the best version of yourself and to live the life you desire, in line with your own goals and values, so that you achieve more success in every area of life. 
Some experience an Insight Seminar as a journey of discovery and new insights, finding strength, love and wisdom within themselves that they have forgotten existed. Others describe it as a place to remember who they were before the adversities of the world ever reached them. While each experience is unique to the participant, everyone emerges from this life-changing seminar with the tools needed to manifest their deepest desires and create a life they love.

Okay, but what exactly happens during the Insight I seminar?
In an Insight I seminar, participants are guided through a series of experiential exercises. They are often very nice. The goal is to help us recognize where our inner strength and our minds are closed off to greater possibilities. And how we can open ourselves to the choices we can make to realize the desires of our heart. It cannot be fully described in words, we cordially invite you to experience it yourself.

I'm not a fan of big groups, exactly how many people take part in each seminar?
The size of a group varies from seminar to seminar, and you will find that no matter how large the group, it creates a safe and enjoyable environment. No one is forced to participate in exercises they don't want to. Many exercises are 1 on 1 alternated with group exercises. In addition to being among like-minded individuals all committed to growth and upliftment, the opportunity for group encouragement and support and the friendships that form are priceless.

I have no problems in my life. Why should I attend a seminar?
Good question. Insight is not a 'fix-me' seminar, but a place where participants can honestly look at where they want to expand in their lives and receive the tools to create change. For some, it is a long-buried dream, a better career, relationship, health or finances that they are looking for. Everyone has their own reason for taking the seminar, but regardless of the purpose, the intention and reason for participating is still the same – to live life to the fullest.

I don't speak English very well, can I still participate?
Possibly. Your level of English doesn't have to be outstanding, but basic communication skills are required in either English or Dutch. If you can read and understand this easily, and feel comfortable having a chat in English (or Dutch), you'll be fine!

I have done other training courses, how is Insight different?
It is not unusual for our participants to have completed many other training courses and seminars before coming to Insight. At Insight we believe that all change starts with discovering your inner strength. We are masters at showing people how to reactivate their strength and spirit. Graduates have told us that our commitment to leading with an open heart and the joy that erupts during the seminar sets Insight apart from other workshops and training they have attended.

Can I participate in a seminar more often?
It's not uncommon for past Insight participants to revisit Insight I to pick up what they've learned and gain some extra vitality.

Can I skip one of the sessions?
Each session builds on the previous one and to get maximum value, participants are asked to commit to the entire seminar. We understand that making this time and financial commitment can be challenging for some, but what we've learned from graduates is that making the decision to give yourself this time regardless of work, family, and other commitments was the best decision they've ever made.

How come I've never heard of Insight?
We have been offering seminars since 1978 with over a million participants. Insight runs a lot from word of mouth. Our seminars fill up with graduates inviting their friends, business associates and other people in their lives to participate. Our participants range from 19 to 90.

Why was Insight now (only) established in the Netherlands?
In recent years, more and more Dutch people have traveled abroad to participate in Insight Seminars. So are the initiators of Insight Netherlands. They followed Insight in America, Cyprus and Bulgaria. Thanks to these experiences, they feel: it is time to bring Insight back to the Netherlands. Because especially in this modern age, Insight is more relevant than ever.

I understand that Insight also offers advanced seminars, what are they?
After completing the Insight I seminar, you will be eligible to register for a number of more advanced seminars, including Insight II (a 5-day seminar limited to 42 participants) and Insight III (a retreat). Our intention is to expand the Dutch offering in the future with Insight II, III, and IV, Masters Class, Insight Business and Teen Insight.

Can I register on site on the day of the seminar?
Possibly, but we recommend that you register on time via our website. The seminars fill up quickly. In addition, participants over the years have told us that once they make a commitment to attend a seminar, they notice things begin to change in their lives. So if you're interested, we recommend signing up soon.

Will I get a diploma?
At the end of Insight l there is a graduation ceremony that is open to everyone. This is a great way to invite your family, friends and acquaintances and let them get a little glimpse of the seminar and hear what participating in this heart-opening seminar feels like.

In which other countries is Insight organized?
People travel all over the world to participate in an Insight Seminar. For example, if this is not organized in their own country. Over the past 45 years, we have inspired the lives of no fewer than 1.5 million people in 46 countries. The enthusiasm of graduates has ensured that Insight has also been established in other countries. Seminars are currently being organized in Los Angeles, Boston and South-America. In Europe, Insight is active in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus. And in the past also in Sweden and Belgium (from 1993 to 2001). Take a look at one of their websites to see how Insight lives there.

Can I also participate in Insight in other countries?
Of course we hope to meet you during a Dutch seminar, but it is also highly recommended to participate in a seminar in another country. All Dutch volunteers have done this and indicate that this gives an extra dimension to the seminar. You feel the connection with the world: other countries, cultures, languages. It's a great way to discover that we really are all equal. Or to make friends abroad. It can also enhance your experience because you physically distance yourself from your daily home and work situation and have space to reflect.

You talk about a community, what should I imagine?
Graduates shared personal stories with each other during the seminar and built up a warm bond. After completing a seminar, many participants feel the need to stay in touch with each other. We facilitate this through our Facebook-Page. Of course that is free for everyone. Friendships can be made during Insight and it is nice to be able to share your experience afterwards. That is very instructive.

Does Insight have a religious or philosophical background or mission?
No, the knowledge and insights that are shared are accessible and recognizable. We cover all aspects of your life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational and financial. We experience it as something you already have, but perhaps have not yet discovered: your inner strength in your heart.

I'm not sure if this suits me. Can you help me find out?
Of course. We organize so-called Open Events. We then meet online or in a catering facility. We take the time to get to know each other and to answer all your questions. You are very welcome to join. To our Facebook-Page we will communicate when these take place.

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