The seminars

Create a life you love

The path of Insight is a journey to bring out the best version of yourself and bring you closer to your authentic self.
The path starts with Insight I: Discovering your inner strength. 
Each seminar builds on the last and offers deeper opportunities to create a life you love.

After completing a seminar, you can deepen your learning process in a subsequent seminar. Here you will find an overview of our offering.

Insight I

Discover your inner strength

Insight I lays the foundation for discovering your own strength. 
A fun, educational and energetic three-day program in which you discover how to create a life you desire.

Duration: 3 days
Date: Summer 2024

Insight II

Connect with your inner strength

In a safe and guided five-day seminar you will free yourself from everything that is holding you back in your life. Connect yourself to your inner strength and embrace your true self.

Duration: 5 days
Date: September 4 to 8 2024
Conditions: Insight I

Insight III

Live from your inner strength

Building on the tools you learned in I and II, Insight III is about centering your inner strength, in a warm and pleasant retreat environment where we stay for a week.

Duration: 5 days
Conditions: Insight I and II

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?

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